4 Reasons Why the RV Movement is Growing

Published On September 29, 2021

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Now more than ever before, people are breaking free of a traditional lifestyle and taking to the RV life. Whether that means becoming a full-time RVer or just doing it for a few weeks (or months) out of the year, there is no denying that RV travel has become the “it” thing. The recent pandemic has made it possible for more people to live this kind of lifestyle.

But pandemic or not, RV travel was growing by leaps and bounds well before the threat of the virus for people to get out more into wide-open spaces. Covid only made the “RV movement” grow that much faster. If you haven’t yet dived in full throttle into the RV lifestyle, here’s why you should consider it.

The American Dream is Changing

For most, a house with a white picket fence and 2.5 children just won’t cut it anymore. In our mobile world, where many people make a living from their laptops (with WiFi becoming available everywhere) freedom is the name of the game. The idea of the 2-week annual vacation is all but a thing of the past. The concept of a work-life balance is taking hold in the workplace like never before, and workers are demanding (and getting) more from their employers. Freelancing and/or working remotely will be the norm in just a few short years, making RV travel a real possibility for those who chose to embrace it.

RVing is a Simpler Life

You’ve seen the reality shows, you may have even read about Marie Kondo or Jil Sander. With the RV life, there is also a movement towards minimalism, and the notion that having so much ‘stuff’ is counterproductive to a happy life. Much of the stuff we have accumulated in our homes are worthless and brings us no joy. So get rid of it! You will be surprised and how much of it is actually a burden to you. Make memories instead of accumulating stuff, like traveling the country in an RV, and you will see why. Having less will give you more.

RVs can Support an Active and Balanced Way of Life

Many people are seeking ways to unplug and relax more often. For some it is slow travel. The ability to go somewhere, stay for a while, soak in the community and the culture, then move on to the next adventure. RV life is perfect for this. Along the way, you will make friends; some of whom you will form strong connections with. You will bond with your family. You will also forge a connection with nature as you are free to explore the wide-open spaces of America; national and state parks, epic road trips with endless attractions, endless opportunity for recreation, and more.

The RV Lifestyle Promotes Community

Talk to anyone who has been RVing for a while; you are part of a community, whether you know it or not. Spend any length of time in an RV park, or on social media, and you will come to find out that other avid RV enthusiasts are always ready and willing for you to join their community. There are tons of RV lifestyle Facebook groups you can join. RV communities all over are themselves tiny communities who become friends and look out for each other. It’s like you will have a second family. These communities understand the RV lifestyle and the unique opportunities RVing provides. Just get on YouTube or Instagram, and you can access a wealth of information and people to help you get into the lifestyle, and also support you.

Marval Resort is just such a supporting community. Book with us – we cannot wait to have you!