Fall Tips for RV Camping

Published On October 5, 2021

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It’s autumn and some of your best RV camping days await!

Now that you’ve packed up your swimsuit and flip flops, it may be natural to think that camping will also come to an end for the year. But not for RV campers! In fact, as cooler weather returns, RV enthusiasts are just heating up with their travel plans. Less crowds means more opportunity to spread out and explore everything the area has to offer.

But there is still a bit of preparation that goes along with getting your RV ready for fall and winter. We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks for fall RV camping.

What to Pack for Camping in Fall

Once you put away your summer clothes and gear, now’s the time to fill it up with clothes you can layer. Fall is that funny time of year when it can be really nippy in the mornings, then heat up again fast by the afternoon. So you’ll want outer layers that you can whip off at a moment’s notice. Items such as lightweight jackets for hiking, long-sleeve, breathable shirts, toasty socks, waterproof shoes and boots, and extra blankets will keep your RV life comfortable.

Don’t put away that sunscreen and insect repellent just yet! You may still need them for those warm days that just don’t want to quit, and the bugs that refuse to hibernate for the winter. Always have reusable water bottles on hand for those hikes to stay hydrated. If you have bikes, kayaks, or fishing gear, fall is one of the best times of the year to enjoy these activities, so don’t store them away for winter quite yet.

What’s for Dinner?

You may not be grilling out as often, which means now is the perfect time to break out the comfort food recipes. Doesn’t dutch oven chili, veggie stew, shepherd’s pie, or dutch apple pie sound delectable right now? It’s perfect for warming your crew after a big day on the trails.

Keep a Close Eye on the Weather Forecast

It pays to plan ahead to stay dry. Autumn rains can arrive on a dime, so have on hand the right rain gear. If you find yourself rained in from the day’s activities, have plenty of stuff on hand in your RV to pass the time: boardgames, puzzles, playing cards, indoor hobbies, and fun activities for the kids (they will appreciate their screen time on their devices).

RV Prep Tips for Fall

It goes without saying; you want your RV to be safe and dependable for cooler weather. Here’s some top tips:

  • Routinely check your tire pressure, brakes, and towing gear. Make sure your trailer brakes and hitches are rated for the weight being towed. When heavy rains and/or snow threaten road travel, it’s always safe to wait until conditions improve before you take your rig on the road. But if that’s not possible, at least you know your RV is in tip top shape for the drive.
  • Your RV’s heating system. If you are an RV owner, chances are you know this inside and out. But if not, now’s the time to learn! Even if you are used to camping in mild weather, knowing how your heating system works should be in your skill set. If you are renting your RV, pay close attention to the demonstration given by your RV host or rental company. Owners should have their RV heating system checked by a professional at least once a year.
  • Your RV’s water system. On the off chance you experience a hard freeze while camping in autumn, at least one person in your party should know how to disconnect your RV’s water lines from tanks and drain them to prevent any damage to water and waste systems when the weather gets below zero. If you have a rental, make sure they go over this in the demo.

Many RVers (especially full-timers) love to camp in the fall and winter. Employing these RV cold-weather tips and common sense strategies will ensure you have a safe and fantastic time in your RV this fall!