Kids Crafts That Are Perfect for Camping

Published On June 26, 2023

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Kids love crafting and these easy camping crafts will keep them busy at the campgrounds.

Camping provides many opportunities for fun activities for kids of all ages, such as singing along to songs around the campfire and exploring nature trails. But without something engaging them, camping trips may quickly turn boring for youngsters without something engaging them to keep busy.

From friendship bracelets and tent footprint crafts to screen-free activities like nature scavenger hunts – these will be sure to keep them out of trouble!

Bird Feeders Made from Recyclables

Reusing materials found at campsites can help children develop an appreciation and understanding of environmental stewardship. For instance, they could construct a bird feeder from a recycled gallon milk jug complete with doweling rods for perching purposes (check out Moms Hacks 101 tutorial for an easy-to-follow example of this activity).

Leaves and twigs can also be used to create nature-themed pictures; alternatively, they could paint rocks with cute summer themes like an adorable set featuring cute ice cream-painted rocks!

Making Art from Leaves and Sticks

While camping, kids can use items found in nature to craft beautiful works of art. Sticks and other natural objects can be used as paint brushes to create nature pictures, while stick figure crafts such as Rocky the Owl can also be fashioned. With some tape and their imagination, kids can also make nature name bracelets to wear while camping.

Make this activity more engaging by encouraging them to create leaf impressions on paper that glow in the dark – this will teach children about solar power! They could then use this same method to craft an interactive nature mobile with twigs, leaves and pine cones!

Rock Paper Scissor Painting

You can begin with old newspapers or maps as a canvas, then add paintbrushes and a pasta box palette. Let the kids choose three watercolors and play with thick and thin paint applications. When the paint is dry, leave the art out in the rain, sprinkle water over it, dip into a stream and see how it changes.

Then paint five smooth river stones with “X” and five with “O” to create pieces for tic-tac-toe. Use any flat cardboard or disposable surface as the board.

Flower Art

Creating art using flowers is an age-old craft activity enjoyed by kids of all ages. Use flower petals or small wildflowers from your camping trip or as souvenirs when returning home to create beautiful bookmarks that make great keepsakes for friends when camping is complete.

Reusing recycled materials can be fun for kids too!

No Time for Flashcards’ Pinecone painting will give your craft project an authentic camping feel. Use them as part of a nature scavenger hunt if you’d like to add additional learning to this activity!

Pressed Flower Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are an easy and meaningful way to connect with loved ones, and making one from pressed flowers provides an unforgettable memento of this special time of year.

To make a card, choose flower petals and foliage with thin stems and leaves for easy handling; those with heavier centers may prove more difficult. Place these items between layers of absorbent paper or newspaper, pressing gently between sheets until fully immersed before covering with another sheet if you intend to position the flowers precisely on your final card.

Add an eye-catching flair by framing your pressed flowers with strips of washi tape or paper coordinating with their colors, writing your message inside and mailing it!