The Benefits of Weekday Camping

Published On September 7, 2022

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Many RV and tent campers, new and experienced, just love being outside, but would rather not deal with the hassle that comes with planning weekend camping trips. Weekend warriors always seem to snatch up the best campground reservations – so why not give weekday camping a try?

There are several reasons why making the switch to camping during the week is your best bet. Here’s why.

RV Rentals are More Readily Available

For those who’d rather not invest in buying an RV, rentals provide a great alternative, with lots of different models to choose from. That being said, many families opt for weekend trips because the kids are out of school, leaving you with little to no selection of RVs from the rental pool.

If you don’t have children of school age, or if you home-school them, consider a short mid-week camping trip. The right RV rental for you is much easier to come by during the week, so you can find the perfect one that suits you.

Less Competition for Campsites

With fewer RVs on the road during the week, chances are there are fewer RVs occupying coveted spots at RV campgrounds and resorts. If jockeying for position in the campground line is not your cup of tea, try a weekday camping trip. Many popular spots magically open up, and you may even find yourself with more room to stretch. The kids will have more freedom and you’ll have greater peace of mind.  

Another advantage is the lack of traffic driving to and leaving the campground. Mid-week camping means you may not even have to wait in line at the dump station on your way out. You can also travel a bit further if desired since the weekend traffic is not there.

Deals on Campsite Reservations

Expanding on the idea above, fewer reservations mean oftentimes the campgrounds will offer deals to attract people during the week. If you don’t see specials advertised on the campground or resort website, it never hurts to call them directly to see if they offer any mid-week deals.

Fewer Crowds

With fewer people scheduling camping trips during the week, many activities become available to you that might otherwise be overrun with weekend tourists. For example, if you’ve been planning a trip to a popular amusement park or an overnight stay at a national park, weekdays are the ideal solution to standing in a long line or waiting bumper to bumper through Yellowstone.

Fewer people at the park also mean more quiet, enjoyable moments are had. And less noise means less stress! Isn’t that what camping is all about, after all? You may find that with the peace and quiet you are better able to reconnect with your loved ones, away from the bustle of the city and other campers.

Experience a Different Crowd

Chances are, your fellow campers enjoy mid-week camping for the same reasons you do. The demographic of the average camper tends to be much different than the weekend camper. Adult couples and grown families are more likely to spend their vacation days or retirement time by camping during the week.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a weekday camping trip to Marval Resort in Gore, OK, and experience a more peaceful outdoor retreat!